Arrival Procedures

General Morning Opening Information

Upon arrival in the morning, STUDENTS SHOULD FIRST EAT BREAKFAST if they have not eaten at home. After this, students will either participate in a "morning meeting" with the Principal or another designated adult or a morning recess/video, depending on the weather.

Classroom teachers should provide information regarding the mornings they are available to meet and touch base with you. If you are unsure, please make arrangements in advance. There are multiple expectations and duties for all building staff in the morning, so dropping in may not always be an option. Please communicate with us so we can successfully address your needs and concerns.

Morning Meetings are at time to hear stories, sing songs, learn character education words, celebrate birthdays, and receive awards for accomplishments. Awards can be in recognition of classroom achievement, positive behavior, reading progress, math progress, etc. Parents are welcome to join us on mornings when your child is receiving an award.


Morning Meeting / Morning Openings - Monday and Wednesday
Recess / Video - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

First Grade:

Morning Meeting / Morning Opening - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Recess / Video - Monday, Wednesday