Pickup / Drop Off / Parking


Montgomery Street / East side of Madison Park /Kindergarten End:

  • On the East side of Montgomery street facing north

  • On the West side of Montgomery street to the north or south of the marked parking spots

  • On Park Street to the east (this road feeds into the bus loading zone)

  • In the actual designated parking spots if they are empty

Chestnut Street: / West Side of School / OFFICE END / 1st Grade End:

  • Either side of street where cars are not already parked (not blocking driveway)

  • PICKUP/DROP OFF ZONE—This zone is for when your child is able to exit or enter your vehicle with little assistance by you. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PARKED IN THIS ZONE ATTENDED

Other Considerations

For your safety and to be courteous to others please do not:

  • Block driveways or other parked vehicles (double parking)

  • Leaving running vehicle unattended (with or without children)

  • Talk or text on a cell phone in a school zone